New Wissper

All about Wissper


Prepare to lose your hearts to an engaging little girl who makes her debut in a brand new, original CGI-animated series on Milkshake! Sweet-natured, occasionally feisty and as cute as a button, Wissper can literally charm the birds off the trees, because she can talk to animals and they come to her for help whenever they have a problem.

ʻWissperʼ comes from British creative genius Dan Good and his team at Absolutely Cuckoo, the animation studio behind the BAFTA nominated worldwide phenomenon ʻWaybulooʼ, which is shown in over 80 countries. With its winsome characters, colourful CGI and transitions to exotic locations, ʻWissperʼ seems certain to follow this success.

Seven-year-old Wissper is just an ordinary little girl with an extraordinary empathy with animals.

She can not only talk to them but also sense their feelings and understand them completely. With her kind heart and loving nature, Wissper reaches out to creatures of all shapes and sizes everywhere. They pop up all over her home, bringing part of their habitat with them! Bright green jungle creepers start appearing from under her bed, oceans bubble up in her bath, Antarctic ice in her fridge, meadow grass in the carpet, desert dunes in her sandpit… Wissper has a special magic word to transport herself to these worlds—ʻSssssh!ʼ—and her pan pipes provide soothing music on the way. She also needs her binoculars to seek out creatures in the wild.

In all other respects, however, Wissper is just an normal little girl—amiable, determined, a tad headstrong and sometimes even fierce when animals are behaving badly. She lives with her mum, dad and brother, and her experiences at home often help her to solve problems in the animal world.

Wissper adores her animal friends and delights in her ability to communicate and work with them to sort out their troubles, which include everything from lost babies and learning to dance to noisy neighbours and pesky food thieves. With her unique ability and oddly acquired wisdom, Wissper never fails them.