• This is Gracie and her two pet cats called Poppy and Rosie.
  • This is is Dominic with his pet guinea pig called Joy.
  • This is Leyla and Joshua with their pet hamster called Milkshake!
  • This is Arabella with her new bunnies called Carrot and Nibbles.
  • This is Alfie with his pet tortoise Albert.
  • This is Jake, who is 10 months old, with his pet Barley Dog.
  • This is 7 month old Lily with her dog Cookie Monster.
  • This is Alice, age 6, with her ginger Tom cat called Cupcake.
  • This is Grace, age 6, and her 12 week old puppy Izzy out for her first walk.
  • This is Maisie, age 2, with her border collie called Tommy, age 13.
  • This is Darcey, age 5, with her pet cat Noodle.
  • This is Georgie Bentzen playing with his Nana's tortoise, Geronimo who is over 50 years old.
  • This is Calvin, age 1, and his dog Oscar, age 3.
  • This is best friends Cameron and Bella.
  • This is Ellie, age 1 and her dog Bear.
  • This is Tyler, age 5, with his lamb called Chase.
  • This is Esme with her bunny called Topsy.
  • This is Lily, age 6, with her new puppy Franky.
  • This is Charlotte, age 3, with Betty the chicken.
  • This is George, age 2, with Shelby the tortoise who loves strawberries.
  • This is Annabelle, age 5, and Raphael, age 3, with their cat Alex.
  • This is Pippa and Freddie taking a nap together.
  • This is Kairan, age 6 and his pet cat K2.
  • This is Kira Hudson, age 4 with her old ginger tabby cat, Thomas, age 6.
  • This is Freddie and his pet dog Denzel.
  • This is Freya and her Golden doodle Matilda Rose.
  • This is Lexi with her cat Baby and her Dog Alfie.
  • This is Elliott with his kitten Bob.
  • This is Hennie, age 4, with her cat Snookie who is nearly 1.
  • This is Tegan, age 7, and Riley, age 3, with their dog Harley.
  • This is Charlie Joe with his fluffy pet chicken called Snowflake.
  • This is Leyton, age 4, with his pet tortoise Teto.
  • This is Bobby, age 4, with his pet hamster called Ton Ton.
  • This is Tilly, age 7, with Lily and Poppy Popsicle.
  • This is Amelia with her pet caterpillars. She's looking forward to them turning into butterflies.
  • This is Oscar & his puppy Mumu.
  • This is Evie-Mae, age 6, with her dog Lola, also 6.
  • This is Charlotte & her pet Budgie Bobbie-Jo.
  • This is Lucia, age 6, with her dog Winston, age 2. They both enjoy watching milkshake! every Saturday morning.
  • This is Tilly-Mae, aged 7, with her pet hamster Lily.
  • This is Ruby-Rose, aged 5, with her dogs Yoda and Poppy.Ruby-Rose loves taking taking Yoda and Poppy for walks in the woods with the cows and horses.
  • This is Harrison and George, with their cat Pan
  • This is Emilia, age 6, with her pet budgie Boris.
  • This is Summer, age 4, and her new goldfish Daisy and Alan!
  • This is Violet and her bunny Finn.
  • This is Ophelia, age 4, with her pet cat Woody who is 10.
  • This is Erin and her dog Fudge.
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At weekends on milkshake we show your pet pictures in our 'Pet of the day' feature.

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