• Freddie, age 1, with his bearded dragon Bertie.
  • This is TJ with Misty.
  • This is Zak with his pet cat called Bongo.
  • This is Jake and Luke watching milkshake twith there rabbit called Pizza.
  • This is Lincoln, age 6, with his pet dog Dodger.
  • This is Toby and his best friend Boots the cat.
  • This is Phoebe with our lovely doggy Bella! Phoebe loves taking Bella for a walk with her little sister Mabel.
  • This is Seth on his mummy's horse called Molly.
  • This is Alfie with his pet cat Fern.
  • This is Keira and her cat called Ruby.
  • This is William holding pet rabbit Rosie.
  • This is Eva, age 8, and Finley, age 4, with their dog Tilley.
  • This is Gabriel and his puppy Ziggy.
  • This is Max, age 18 months, with his 2 dogs Dexter and Lottie.
  • This is Sasha and his pet bulldog Reggie.
  • This is Ruby, age 5 months, with her Nannies pet tortoise Dandelion and her best friend Snowy the dog.
  • This is Logan and his dog Doop.
  • This is Fifi, Matilda and Annabella Morritt with there dog Bernard.
  • This is Francesca Ross, age 2 & 1/2 with her dog Binky.
  • This is Evie with her tortoise Marshmallow.
  • This is Elizabeth, age 17 months, with her cat Bruno. They are best friends.
  • This is Finley, age 16 months, looking after Snoop the cat.
  • This is Emily, age 7, with her hamster Cuddles who love eating sunflower seeds.
  • This is Rosie, aged 5, and Megan, aged 2 with their beloved sausage dog, Teddy, aged 8
  • This is Zach with his 2 old english sheepdogs Molly and Chloe.
  • This is Logan, age4, with his brand new kitten Peekaboo.
  • This is Poppy with her new baby Guinea Pigs, Katie and Amelia.
  • This is Leo with his cat Google.
  • This is Carter Green, age 3, with his puppy Ludo. Ludo and Carter often fall asleep together after playing at the park.
  • This is Lucy Bannister with her two guinea pigs; Daisy and Maisie.
Pet of the Day

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At weekends on milkshake we show your pet pictures in our 'Pet of the day' feature.

If you'd like to see your pet on air and here in our gallery you can email a picture of you and your pet to milkshake@milkshake.tv and tell us all about you and your pet.