My Birthday - 1st August.

What was your favourite subject at school? - My favourite subject at school was definitely Music. And I'd say it's still my favourite subject to this day! 

What’s your favourite party game? - I love musical statues, especially when you have to freeze in a really silly position and try not to laugh! 

What’s your favourite flavour of milkshake? -  I love banana milkshake, with a hint of toffee or peanut butter! 

Where is your favourite place in the world? - My favourite place in the world is New York because it's the City that never sleeps, and it's home to some of the best music! 

What’s your favourite sport to play? -  My favourite sport is skiing. I try to go every winter because I love it so much! 

What is your favourite colour and why? -  My favourite colour is sky blue because it reminds me of the sky in the summer! 

What’s your favourite ride at the fair? - I am a huge rollercoaster lover! A few years ago I travelled all over America going on all the Rollercoasters! Riding Rollercoasters is my favourite hobby! 

What’s your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? - My favourite thing to eat for breakfast is pancakes with fresh fruit on top, especially blueberries and raspberries. Yum! 

What’s your favourite animal and why? - I LOVE dogs; they are so loyal and friendly. My dream is to own a Beagle one day. 

What’s your favourite word? -  my favourite word is wiggle; it makes me laugh, and I tend to wiggle when I'm excited!