How to send us a birthday card!

Due to current circumstances, we are unable to receive birthday cards via post.

However, we still love to receive your birthday cards!

If you’ve been busy making a birthday card at home for the little Milkshaker(s), please take a picture of it and email us at:

Don’t forget to include the child’s name, age, the date for it to be shown, their favourite Milkshake! characters to decorate and please include the word ‘Birthday’ in the subject line.

Although we’d love to, due to the high volume of messages we receive, we aren’t able to show all of your birthday message but if you send in your BIG, BRIGHT and COLOURFUL card to us a month before the birthday date then we will try our very best to show it!

If your card is chosen to be shown, you will receive an email response confirming the time and date of the shout out!