How to send us a birthday card!

If you'd like us to show a birthday card on milkshake! post it to the address below!



Birthday Card

PO BOX 68338




Please note:

 We'll need it at least one month before the birth date.

 The card should only feature characters you watch on milkshake!

 Please include a good quality photograph of the birthday girl or boy.

 Remember to write on the back of the card, the date you'd like us to read it out.

 Birthday cards are usually shown before 7am and after 8.30am on weekdays and before 7am and after 9am at weekends.  However, we cannot guarantee that this is always the case.


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your card will be shown, nor can we adhere to specific time requests but we will try our best!


More top tips for sending us a birthday card:

 The brighter the card, the better.

 Try to make your card no bigger than size A3, to reduce the risk of it being damaged.

 Please advise us on how to pronounce names correctly, if you think it's necessary.

 Try not to use shiny card as pictures and decorations do not stick to it very well.

 Make sure any glue on the card has dried fully before putting it in an envelope.

 Please use an envelope rather than a tube to prevent the card from curling.