My Birthday - 8th November.

What was your favourite subject at school? - Chemistry because of all of the fascinating experiments.

What’s your favourite party game? - Pass the parcel, especially when I'm left with the exciting task of taking off the last bit of wrapping paper ;)

What’s your favourite flavour of milkshake? -  It's between banana and strawberry... yummy!

Where is your favourite place in the world? - Jamaica because the island is so beautiful and there are lots of amazing things to do like swimming with friendly crocodiles. Also the food in Jamaica is delicious... Double yummy!

What’s your favourite sport to play? -  Rounders.

What is your favourite colour and why? -  I like red and pink because they are nice fun colours and white because I can wear white with anything.

What’s your favourite ride at the fair? - Anything that's really scary so that I can have a good screeeeeeeeeam!

What’s your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? - Mashed potatoes, grilled salmon lightly cooked in garlic butter with some grilled baby tomatoes on the cornflakes any day!
Funnily enough I most like to eat cornflakes in the evening... Welcome to my topsy turvy world!

What’s your favourite animal and why? - This is a tough one as I'm a big animal lover. I love elephants, meerkats, kune kune pigs, hedgehogs, dolphins, cats, dogs, tortoises, budgies, cows, horses, ponies, goats, chickens, rabbits, deer oh dear I just can't choose between them all.

What’s your favourite word? -  I have 3: 1) "Mellifluous" which means sweet sounding or pleasing to the ear which pretty much describes how I feel about the songs in the show. 2) "Grace" which has nothing to do with the fact that Grace just happens to be my middle name ;) And 3) "Yes!" when it is used positively especially to encourage someone.