• Peppa standing in the snow, by Adele Emmett, age 6.
  • Shimmer and Shine, by Phoebe Grace, age 7.
  • Giraffe, by Lily Hall, age 7.
  • Blaze, by Oliver, age 5.
  • Peppa and George, by Daisy, age 4.
  • Kitty, by Christi.
  • This picture is by Hannah Clayton, age 4.
  • Ghost dress, by Willow, age 7.
  • This picture is by Leila Radorford, age 5.

Milkshake Gallery

Welcome to the milkshake! gallery.

This is where you can see the pictures that milkshakers have sent in to us at milkshake! You can send us a picture for the gallery too. Just pop it in the post to:


Picture Gallery

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