Milkshake! Paddington Competition 2022 - Winners


Congratulations to all of our winners!



Main Winners

Amelia, Age 7

Elizabeth, Age 5

Kitty, Age 4

Lily, Age 4

Olly, Age 5

Sienna, Age 6







Paddington Competition (the “Prize Draw”)


The Prize Draw is governed by these terms and conditions (the “Terms”) and by entering the Prize Draw entrants agree that they have read and understood these Terms and will be bound by them.  Any changes to these Terms will be posted as updates and will be made available here: [] (the “Prize Draw Webpage”).




1.     Opening Date:     

08:30am on Saturday 19th March 2022 (“Opening Date”)

2.     Closing Date:

12:00pm on Friday 22nd April 2022 (“Closing Date”)

3.     Promoter:

Channel 5 Broadcasting Limited (Company Registration: 03147640) of 17-29 Hawley Crescent, London, NW1 8TT (“Milkshake!We or Us”)





4.     Entry to this Prize Draw is open to persons who are full time residents of the UK aged 10 years or under and who are not the children or close relatives of any person closely connected with the Prize Draw, including but not limited to employees of Milkshake! or any other company associated with the Prize Draw or their respective associated companies or agents (each a potential “Entrant”).


5.Entries must be submitted on behalf of the Entrant by a person aged 18 or over (a “Responsible Adult”).  The Responsible Adult must have parental permission to submit the Entry and to share the Entrant’s information.




6.     To enter the Prize Draw:


a)     Entrants must draw a bright and colourful picture of their favourite Milkshake! character and/or presenter playing games (“Artwork”);


b)     the Responsible Adult submitting the Artwork on behalf of the Entrant must take a photograph of the Artwork (the “Photograph”) and upload it via an online entry form hosted on the Prize Draw Webpage between the Opening Date and Closing Date;


c)     prior to submitting the Photograph the entry form requires the Responsible Adult to:


i.provide the Entrant’s first name, age and home county;


ii.provide their own first name and age; 


iii.provide a contact email address for the Responsible Adult which may need to be validated prior to the Entry being submitted; and


iv.confirm that these Terms and our Privacy Policy have been read and accepted


(together, an "Entry").

7.To be considered valid any Photograph forming part of an Entry must:


a)feature only Artwork (i.e. the Photograph must not feature the Entrant or any other person);


b)not reveal any personal information (e.g. the name of the Entrant);


c)feature at least one Milkshake! character or presenter;


d)not contain any identifiable third party branding or logos (Milkshake! branding and logos can be included); 


e)be clear and unobscured;


f)not infringe any third party intellectual property rights;


g)not be rude, obscene, defamatory, or unsuitable for children and/or Milkshake’s purposes.



8.Only one (1) Entry is permitted per Entrant. Multiple entries will be void and the Entrant disqualified.


9.A Responsible Adult may submit pictures for multiple Entrants via a single entry form where such Entrants reside in the same household and/or belong to the same family (“Sibling Entries”).  Sibling Entries count as a single Entry, and each Entrant’s first name and age should be provided.


10.The Responsible Adult must ensure that they have parental permission for the Entrant’s information and picture to be published on our website or social media platforms or broadcast on our TV channels, or presented to other users of our websites and social media platforms or TV channels.  If parental permission to share the Entrant’s information and picture in this way is not forthcoming, please do not enter this Prize Draw.




11.  There will be 6 Winnerof the Prize Draw (the “Winners”).


12.  Where a Sibling Entry is selected as a winning Entry this will count as one (1) Winner and the Entrants will share the Prize.


13.  The Winners will each receive one (1) prize bundle which will include:




  • 4 x DVDs







(the “Prize”)


14.   The Winners of the Prize Draw will be the first six (6) Entries selected randomly by Milkshake! from all valid Entries received between the Opening Date and Closing Date.


15.  The Winners will be selected on or before Friday 29th April 2022 and Milkshake! will notify the Winners on or before Saturday 7th May 2022 by email that they have been successful.  Additionally, the Winners will be announced on air and on the Milkshake! Website on Saturday 7th May 2022.

16.  Prizes will be dispatched within 28 days of the Winner’s Responsible Adult confirming the delivery details to Milkshake! and Milkshake! receiving any confirmation it deems fit in accordance with these Terms.  


17.  If due to circumstances beyond Milkshake’s control Milkshake! is unable to provide any stated Prize or any part of it, Milkshake! reserves the right to replace such with an alternative prize of equal or higher value.  All Prizes may be subject to availability and the additional terms and conditions of the manufacturer or supplier.  Further, delivery of any alternative prize(s) shall depend on the manufacturer’s or supplier’s capacity to fulfil and deliver the alternative prize, and may be subject to availability of the goods and/or delivery delays.


18.  Prizes are non-transferable and no cash alternative is available.


19.  Prizes can only be sent to a UK address so if a Winner has moved somewhere outside the UK after entering the Prize Draw, their Entry will not be valid.


20.  Milkshake! reserves the right to choose an alternate Winner or Winners if:


a)     a Winner does not comply with these Terms or Milkshake! has reasonable grounds for believing that a Winner has broken a rule contained in these Terms; or


b)     a Winner does not (i) agree to these Terms; (ii) want to receive the Prize; or (iii) give any consent as may be requested by Milkshake! within 24 hours; or


c)     Milkshake! cannot contact a Winner or a Winner does not respond to any requests from Milkshake! for information (e.g. confirmation of their address) within 72 hours of such request.


Use of Entry: By entering this Prize Draw the Responsible Adult warrants that Entrant’s parents and/or legal guardian have agreed that Milkshake! may in connection with this Prize Draw use Entrant’s Entry, including any names or biographical information submitted by Responsible Adult or any statement made by Responsible Adult, in any and all media throughout the world as Milkshake! in its sole opinion sees fit, without payment or further consent.  


21.  You should not provide any materials or information that you do not want published on our website or social media platforms or broadcast on our TV channels, or presented to other users of our websites and social media platforms or TV channels







22.  Milkshake! reserves the right to cancel this Prize Draw at any stage prior to the Opening Date or to shorten the time for entering the Prize Draw on notice, if Milkshake! thinks it is unavoidable, or if circumstances arise which are out of Milkshake’s! control.  If the time for entering the Prize Draw is cut short, Winners shall be selected in accordance with these Terms from all eligible Entries received prior to such termination date.


23.  Entries received after the Closing Date will not be valid.  Milkshake! is not responsible if Entries get lost, delayed, misdirected, undelivered, damaged regardless of cause (e.g. technical malfunction, or if you experience any computer hardware or software or if you have technical problems trying to enter the Prize Draw).


24.  Please take care when entering the Prize Draw to ensure that you provide your correct contact details.  Any Entries which are incomplete and/or can’t be read clearly will not be valid and won’t be entered into the Prize Draw.


25.  Milkshake! shall at its sole discretion determine whether an Entry is valid, based on the entry requirements set out in these Terms.  Each valid entry will be entered into the Prize Draw.


26.  The Winner(s) of the Prize shall be responsible for any applicable taxes and expenses not specified in the Prize description.


27.  Milkshake! will not be liable for any loss or damage however it was caused (including without limitation in contract, tort or statutory duty) in connection with the Prize Draw and/or Prize, other than death or personal injury caused by Milkshake’s! (and/or its employees’) negligence.


28.  Any personal information collected by Milkshake! for the Prize Draw will be used in accordance with Milkshake’s! “Privacy Policy” set out at A copy can be obtained by writing to Milkshake! by email at or by post to Milkshake’s! address above, marked for the attention of The Data Protection Officer. In summary, personal information collected from Entrants will be used by Milkshake! solely in connection with the Prize Draw and will not be disclosed to any third party except for the purpose of operating the Prize Draw and fulfilling the Prize where applicable.   


29.  These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and if there are any disputes the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction.