Milkshake Summer Video Terms and Conditions






1. By entering as parent/guardian you must be over 18 for the child/children you are responsible for. You agree to take part in any publicity associated with or resulting from the application and consent sole usage to channel 5 Milkshake! This will include use on our Milkshake! the channel, social platforms & website.


2. Entries/uploads will only be valid with a message & include an email address, brief description of image/video activity and name & age of child/children via the website only (emails will not be excepted)


3. Picture images must be of clear, not blurry, bright & colourful – please avoid filters.


4. Videos must be in focus, filmed landscape & not exceed (1) minute in duration, we won’t use the sound from your video (Please use our example how-to guide/instructions……..)


5. Please avoid children wearing branded clothing as these cannot be used & any branded products in view.


6. Children can be on their own in the image/video or with siblings/other household members.


7. Please do not include any other child/children you’re not responsible for care & permissions.


8. By sending the images/videos this does not guarantee a feature on the Music Video as we can only select so many.


9.Videos/Images not chosen will be deleted after 90 days.


10. All valid entries will be judged by a panel of 5. The panel’s choice is final and no correspondence will be entered into - Once the closing date of the competition has passed, the selection panel meet and all entries are considered and judged and whether or not they are perceived, by a majority of the panel to have met the following criteria:


(a) Fun, engaging & uplifting content

(b) Creativity & effort

(c) Likeness to the required specification

(d) Age range, abilities, diversity & cultures of applicants.

(e) Quality of images & videos


The Milkshake! team only ever select entries which they feel fit all the specified criteria decided by mutual agreement of the panel.


11. The closing date for all entries via the website is 12pm on Friday 10th July 2020 – finalists who appear in the video will be selected by Monday 13th July and parents/guardians will be notified via email within 7 days – Video may be used & featured by Milkshake! for up to 3 years from the first on-air date if required.