Milo - Connect The Dots!
Milo Let's Make Lunch!
Chef's Word Search
Spot The Odd One Out - Sandwich
Explore The Jungle
Find The Treasure
Deliver The Parcel
Spot The Odd One Out
Football Word Search
Climb the Cliff
Crack the Code
Digging for Vegetables
Spot The Difference - Farm
Spot The Difference - Boat
Milo - Cupcake Recipe
Make Your Own Press Pass
Make Your Own Binoculars
Map of The World
Milo - Doctor's X-Ray
Milo Face Mask
Dress Milo for Work
Milo - Build a Theatre Stage
Milo - Build a Farm Yard Barn
Milo - Fill The Doctors Bag
How To Draw Milo
Milo - Picture Portrait
Milo - Colour In Dame Delores' House
Milo - Colour In The Cruise Ship
Milo - Colour in the jungle

Milo - Connect The Dots!

Click on the printer button to print out the activity. You may need to ask someone to help you use your printer.

You can use crayons, pencils, felt tips or a painting brush! Make sure you put some newspaper down first so you don’t make a mess.