• This is Bonnie Kitching hanging out with her rescue hens Candy and Soey
  • This is Jake and twins Tilly and Ella with their guinea pigs called Rainbow, JoJo Bow, Smartee and Sparkle.
  • This is Ruairidh, age 4, with his bearded dragon called Batista.
  • This is Elise with her pet dog called Milo.
  • This is Sasha and her cat Bella. They love hugs and play time.
  • This is Maximilian with his best friend Sybil the Schnauzer.
  • This is Emma and her schools chicks that she looked after for the weekend.
  • This is Dylan and his cat Toby.
  • This is Emily and her dog Poppy. They are best friends.
  • This is Thom and his guinea pig called Stripey.
  • This is Regan with her pet Chihuahua called Lola.
  • This is Zayn with his bulldog called Diesel.
  • This is Freddie and his miniature horse Poppy.
  • This is Ella and her dog Tigh.
  • This is Isabella and her guinea pig Kylo.
  • This is Lucia and Indigo with their dog Buster.
  • This is Roman Tuggle and his pet pony Floyd.
  • This Phoebe and Zara with their pet lambs Annie and Bella.
  • This is Amelia and her guinea pigs Fluffy and Squeaky.
  • This is TJ and his pet python Amber.
  • This is Mia with her cat Tigzy.
  • This is Keeley Rose and her dog Ruby.
  • This is Poppy-Sioux and her dog Nelly the Westie.
  • This is Edie and Marcie with their dog Winnie.
  • This is Layla and her cat Poppy.
  • This is Ethan and his snake Scally who is five foot long.

Pet of the day gallery

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At weekends on milkshake we show your pet pictures in our 'Pet of the day' feature.

If you'd like to see your pet on air and here in our gallery you can email a picture of you and your pet to milkshake@milkshake.tv and tell us all about you and your pet.