• This is Olivia with her pet Guinea Pig Nibbles.
  • This is Max, age 7, with his dog Scooby age 10.
  • This is Luca with his pet dog Ocean.
  • This is Katie, age 3, with her dog Barney.
  • This is Harrison, age 2, with his kitten Denzel.
  • This is Lewis, age 21 months, with his pet pig Mr Tishel.
  • This is Evie and her pet cat Andy.
  • This is Scarlett, age 4, with her pet African snail called Sid.
  • This is Ruby and her pet puggle dog Queenie.
  • This is Thomas, age 7, with his pet hamster Hempstead.
  • This is Ezmae with her pet dog, Lacey who is also her best friend.
  • This is William and Finley with their pet beagle Lottie.
  • This is Francesca Ray, age 5, with her dog Rossi, age 3.
  • This is Amelia Wright, age 5, with her pet tortoise Terrence.
  • Safiyya and Raya with their pet cats Lily and Daisy.
  • Riley and Liley with their best friend Baily.
  • This Max Spargo and Beryl who is a Turkish Van cat.
  • This is Vince, age 1, and his best friend Gummidge, a Parson Russell Terrier.
  • This is Caitlin, age 6, with her pet guinea pigs Chase and Marshall.
  • This is Lola with her pet dog Tyson.
  • This is Harrison, 8 months, with his pet poodle Tinks.
  • This is Thomas Decarteret age 4, with his pet bunny Rex age 6 months.
  • This is Matilde, age 2, and her dog Jake.
  • This is Layla, age 3, with her new guinea pig Fudge.
  • This is Pepe, age 5, and Antonio, age 1, feeding their pet fish Shimmer and Shine.
  • This is Lily, age 2, and her best friend Flint, also age 2.
  • This is Holly, age 4 with her dog Milo.
  • Poppy, age 4, with her Rhodesian Ridgeback called Tuli.
  • Elena, age 4, with one of her Ragdoll cats called Tao .
  • This is Lilly with her pet called Scamp.
  • This is of Rhys, age 5, with his cat Nelly watching Milkshake.
  • This is 9 month old Poppy, with her puppy Blue. Both fast asleep after playing.
  • This is Leyla Faith with all her little kittens.
  • This is Mylee, age 6, with her pet hamster Lylie. Mylee has 5 hamsters and they keep her very busy looking after them.
  • This is Toby Dodds with his rabbit called Peter Rabbit. Toby is 6 and Peter is 2.
  • This is Amelia, age 3 and her rescue pony called Micky.
  • This is Kingston and Belle the dog.
  • This is Summer, age 4, with her dog 'Puppy Hope' and her 2 guinea pigs called Chase and Marshall.
  • This is Khelan Patel with his pet cat called Cookie.
  • This is Mia Foster, age 6, with her pet Cockerpoo, Lulu.
  • This is Henry, age 5, with his pet Labrador, Ripley.

Pet of the day gallery

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At weekends on milkshake we show your pet pictures in our 'Pet of the day' feature.

If you'd like to see your pet on air and here in our gallery you can email a picture of you and your pet to milkshake@milkshake.tv and tell us all about you and your pet.