What was your favourite subject at school? - History, because I loved hearing stories about different people and places over time and around the world.

What’s your favourite party game? - Hide and seek.

What’s your favourite flavour of milkshake? - Mango milkshake.

Where is your favourite place in the world? – I’ve just been to New York for the first time and it was magical. Huge buildings, lots of lights, sights and action! I also love London, particularly Southbank for art and theatre.

What’s your favourite sport to play? - Watersports. I grew up by the sea in Wales where I went swimming, sailing and surf lifesaving. I’m a real water-baby! 

What is your favourite colour and why? - Aquamarine. I love bright colours. 

What’s your favourite ride at the fair? - The dodgems.

What’s your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? - Egg on toast with avocado and chilli sauce - I like spicy food!

What’s your favourite animal and why? - I made friends with a labrador called Ollie who was blind and he made me love dogs. My number one favourite animals are elephants, although I haven’t met one in real life yet. 

What’s your favourite word? - Moon. My middle name is ‘Chandra’ which is Hindi for the moon, and I was born on the full moon. I love how it glows in the night sky amongst the stars.